Careers at Techtinium

We are expanding our business and teams to meet our clients' demands. You are warmly welcomed to join our team, where you will have attractive benefits to support your daily performance.

The Perks

Flexible work schedule

We’ll help you work where you need to, when you need to. Because life happens.

Room to grow

Learning is built into every role here. You’ll get mentorship and take ownership.

We’ve got you covered

Our benefits include comprehensive healthcare, education stipends and so much more.

Everyone has a voice

Innovation doesn’t know hierarchy. We make sure everyone is heard, considered and respected.

Make your move

Come for an analyst job. Stay for a tech career. We support exploring new fields right under our own roof.

We are positive. You’ll love it.

Badminton tournaments, sports teams, volunteerism. Need we say more?

You’ll have a rewarding career

We believe success should be rewarded and we believe there is always room to grow.

When you join Techtinium, you begin a career path that can take you to amazing places. You’ll work with cutting-edge technology and use the most advanced methodologies. You’ll become a highly-skilled, highly-experienced professional.

And you’ll always find new and challenging opportunities at Techtinium.

You’ll work with great people

We believe in the power of teamwork and we believe together all things are possible. At Techtinium, your teammates will be smart, experienced, and kind. They’ll be world-class engineers, expert testers, and brilliant developers. They’ll help you learn new skills, and they’ll support you when you need help.

Your clients will be diverse and interesting — you’ll work with many foreign clients on long-lasting projects. You’ll have a chance to build strong relationships and positive references.

You’ll have fun

We believe happy people do the best work and we believe happy people are free people.

You’re free to be yourself at Techtinium. We don’t expect you to fit a certain mould, or to have a certain background. We want free-thinkers and dreamers - people who believe they can change the world.

Training and professional development

Techtinium Technologies has experienced phenomenal growth as the leading provider of offshore development services in India. This growth provides many opportunities for our employees to embrace new challenges and rapidly advance in their chosen career. Our employees continuously develop their technical and soft skills through daily work and formal trainings, including instruction in processes and methodology.

Technical training

Technical skills underscore our ability to provide exceptional development services, so we provide ample opportunities for you to participate in training programs and courses that will keep you abreast of the latest developments in programming languages, project management, and cutting-edge technologies.

Process Training

Techtinium's success relies on smooth processes and effective teamwork. We provide training opportunities to develop your knowledge of best practices for development processes and methodologies, as well as interpersonal and soft skills.

Knowledge Exchange Initiative

Every month we organize a knowledge exchange event to promote free flow of knowledge between the different teams. This is an opportunity for our employees to shared their expert knowledge to the rest of the company.

Additional Benefits


Each year, we benchmark our salaries to ensure that we remain competitive with the outside market. Salaries are based on the employees’ skills, technology expertise and experience. We view salaries as an opportunity for you to share the success of our company.

Office Environment

Techtinium has created an ideal working environment with modern office infrastructure. Our facilities have the latest tools and equipment to promote maximum productivity. Our diverse corporate culture was created to foster a strong work ethic, intercultural respect, and high spirit among our employees.

Special Events

Techtinium employees enjoy participating in a variety of fun activities outside of the office. We organize parties, team outings, company trips, sporting events, and more to keep our employees happy and productive.

Employee Satisfaction

We demand a lot from you, but we also want to make sure you are satisfied in your job and in life.

Throughout the year, we organize many fun events and activities for our employees and their families to enjoy spending time together outside of the office. These special events include picnics, sporting events and more.

You are invited to suggest new events that will help us maintain the high levels of motivation and performance.

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