News at Techtinium


Cricket was being promoted as a gentleman's game until they came into the picture. Spunky, brash and many cheeky shots later, the team ended up at Blind-Chemistry for some unwinding and snacks.

Diwali Celebrations at Techtinium

Diwali is all about coming together and celebrating happy moments with loved ones. On this auspicious and festive occasion, Diwali parties and family get-together are very popular. A small puja was arranged in the office for employees and their families.

Diwali Lunch

Diwali 2019 is here and the festive cheer is for all to see. If India is dubbed as the land of festivals, then the festival of lights surely tops as one of the most significant festivals celebrated in the country. The Techtinium team celebrated the Festival of Lights with a feast at the Great Kebab Factory in Egmore.

Badminton Time

The game is one of the world's fastest racket sports. The theory was that we would play vigorously for an hour and burn 480 calories (or so they said). However the team followed the game up with a sumptuous meal of Parathas and Bhaturas.

There went that theory!