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Jobrary is simple and elegant way to create and manage online resume and portfolio.

Users have all the flexibility to customize their resume. Users can also add Images, PDF files and videos to their portfolio in order to showcase their work to a potential employer or client. Jobrary gives its users an unique URL which makes it simple to share the resume or portfolio with anyone. Jobrary has one click option to share resume and portfolio on various networking sites. Jobrary also makes it simple to print the resume or download it as PDF file.

Jobrary takes away all the pain of creating a resume and with portfolio, it is a powerful marketing tool for individuals. Jobrary is Techtinium's first major initiative. People from more than 50 countries are actively using it to showcase their work or hunt for job.

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Cirris gives a circular twist to the classic game of bricks on your iPhone and iPod touch.

Cirris is basically a circular and 3D game of bricks. Player needs to complete a ring with the falling pieces in order to remove it. Its an unique way 3D way of playing bricks. Experience the 3D tetris