Web Application Development

We create outstanding web applications. We value practical solutions, beautiful and smart designs, clean code, good architecture, and above all we are committed to the success of your company. We’ve been designing, building and supporting custom web applications for more than a decade.

How to make great web applications?

What makes a successful web application? First and foremost, the application needs to fulfill the intended business functions reliably, accurately, and productively. The maintenance of the application needs to be simple and affordable. The user experience delivered must be positive.

And above all, the financial and functional benefits you receive need to outweigh the time and money put into its development so that your ROI is acceptable.

Our solution

After years of experience, we have determined two important custom web application development services to help you save time and money.

Business Competency

We believe that technology competency should always be balanced with business competency. We are experienced in providing software solutions with extremely complicated business logic that naturally maintains simplicity of high-level workflows for end-users. Plus, our high-end domain experience at Techtinium allows us to offer many domain solutions spanning from e-learning and e-commerce needs to Business Intelligence and Media Content Distribution.

Technology Competency

The technology competency at Techtinium far exceeds what normal web development companies offer. We have successfully completed the implementation of the most complicated and ambitious projects, guaranteeing software performance, scalability, high solution maintainability and system integration.

Why Techtinium?

We’ve been designing, building and supporting web applications for over a decade. As a reliable custom web application development company, Techtinium has earned good and reliable reputation, so you can trust us with your largest and most ambitious projects.


We employ only the best developers and never sub-contract our work. That means when you work with Techtinium you can be assured you are working with the smartest group of committed web application developers who answer directly to us. Whether you are improving outdated code or creating cutting-edge apps, our team has the knowledge and experience to accomplish every project goal.


We want you to be completely content with every feature that we are working together on. All Techtinium clients have a dedicated project manager as well as a development team before we even write a single line of code. As we get to know you and understand the unique needs of your project, we can better anticipate the next steps and deliver your project in a timely manner.


HTML5 and CSS3 aren’t merely catchwords to us — they’re the tools and technologies we live and breathe to design and develop unparalleled mobile, tablet and desktop applications for our clients. Whether we’re using Angular, Vue.js, React, Node.js, we’re forging the way in building first-class web apps that are compact, easily maintained, and fast.

With Techtinium You Get

Functionally and easily usable web applications that match your requirements and expectations

Open Application Architecture permitting high availability and scalability

High software application maintainability resulting in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Seamless communication enhancing the development lifecycle control and transparency

Proven QA methods through the software development lifecycle

Deployment, stabilization and ongoing maintenance of the final application