The Track master app is a powerful Shopify app designed to help customers efficiently track and manage their orders. By integrating with third-party delivery vendors and providing real-time tracking updates, the app enhances the order fulfillment process and improves customer satisfaction.

What makes us unique

  • The app seamlessly integrates with popular third-party delivery vendors like Shiprocket, allowing customers to track orders across multiple carriers from a single interface.
  • Store owners can get shipment progress in real time, ensuring transparency and timely updates throughout the delivery process.
  • Customers can track order status and shipment progress in real time which is a one-click setup for the store owner.
  • The app provides a customizable tracking page where customers can easily input their order details and view the latest tracking information for their shipments.

App Installation

  1. Go to Shopify App Store (

  2. Search for track Master

  3. Click and install it in your shop.
  4. Open your shop and search for the Track master App.

  5. Click on your “Config Carriers” to configure the delivery vendor for API Access
    • For example, click on the “Ship Rocket” to configure, here Ship Rocket, requires the API service account (username and password), once it is configured, it is ready to use.

  6. Once the Carrier is setup, click on “Setup tracking page”, this page has a button to preview and the setups to setup the order tracker for customer side

    • The preview page would look something similar to something below.

    • On entering the appropriate order id and email address, we would something like this

Frequent Questions

  1. List of supported delivery vendors ?
    For now only Ship Rocket which has around 12 delivery partners is support. But the support is planned to be increased in the future upgrades
  2. Does the app support global regions ?
    For now, only Indian Regions are supported.
  3. Does the app have any pricing model ?
    As of now, the app is free to use.

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