Real-Time Social Shopping with Poshmark

Poshmark created a mobile fashion marketplace built around real-time social experiences where people gather to shop, share, and sell fashion right from their phones. Team Techtinium worked closely with Poshmark founders and engineers to create the initial UI/UX. Techtinium also laid some of the foundational pieces of the technology platform and the commerce engine.

Fitvest – AI Based Fitness

Fitvest is an an AI-based assistant that builds personalised fitness and lifestyle plans based on a user’s goals, current fitness levels and data input from external devices. Techtinium’s role was to design the entire user experience and build out the first prototypes. This included the scheduling of classes, allocating trainers and managing deliveries with all these processes driven by machine learning.

In 2011, when smartphones were still getting popular – Techtinium built the first mobile food delivery platform in Sweden for . OnlinePizza is a Swedish internet company focusing on connecting restaurants with consumer customers. After its beginning in 2005, has grown to be the largest online food ordering platform in Sweden, with over a thousand restaurants and hundreds of thousands of consumer customers.

Das Magazin

Techtinium built a HTML5 compliant app platform for Das Magazin to reach out to their subscribers. This not just allowed Das Magazin to create a digital magazine with the web version, but it also allowed them mobile friendly features – download issues to read them offline, bookmark, annotate, add multimedia elements and res