AI assisted factory monitoring software that mimics the actions of the eye and the brain!

Simply put, most manufacturers are unable to understand what is actually happening on the shop floor in real time because their machines and people are not connected to enough data collection or visualization systems. This inability to both see and use data to drive continuous improvement leads to massive inefficiencies that affect every component of a company’s operations, from the shop floor all the way to the C-Suite.


The software is trained to learn standard operating patterns from various signals and real-time data collection points – Rheo creates a model of what to expect in the case of normal operations with this data. After an initial learning period, the software starts to report unusual or anomalous events in real-time. This cuts down the effort that would otherwise be consumed by human operators and creates actionable alerts including stoppages, production KPIs requirements and more. Rheo also offers an analytics engine that allows the correlation of various events to create actionable work items.

Techtinium helped Rheo develop their learning systems for training the AI and setting up a cloud based platform on cloud based platforms which could receive large volumes of signal content and process them to get actionable results. Techtinium also helped Rheo create the analytics and event capture systems on the web and mobile devices that would be used by the manufacturing companies.