Visibility to your manufacturing operation and improve day-to-day decision making.

VIMANA (formerly known as System Insights) has been transforming how industrial companies operate plants and deliver products. Their software was the first on the market that combined real-time machine data with big-data analytics to move the industry beyond OEE to create actionable insights for plant operations.

Viper is a process analyzer tool for machines in the manufacturing industry. It is a web application using which one can find out energy, power and cost savings of a machine. With Pre-built dashboards that continuously monitored asset status, machine health and process parameters – manufacturers could visualize, monitor and optimize asset performance based.

Production facilities could build custom dashboards with drag-and-drop capabilities for specific use cases, personas and processes. Techtinium helped Vimana develop Viper and other tools to improve efficiency and productivity of manufacturing systems. These tools enabled realtime tracking of resources and information flow in manufacturing enterprises.

To achieve the next level of productivity, manufacturing plants must innovate. Data is the core asset that informs this innovation, agility and efficiency. Techtinium helped upgrade their platform to Viper+ which allowed Vimana to provide new analytics and dashboarding features while incorporating a lot of visual elements.