Web Developer

Thank you for applying to the role of an Web Developer at Techtinium. We would like you to work on the following assignment. 

Web Application for Comic Book Characters

We would like you to create a responsive application for comic book characters using any technology of your choice. Users should be able to search and see the details for their favourite characters.

Detailed Requirements

  • Home page: A paginated list of comic characters sorted based on the date_last_updated on ComicVine. This shows the image of each character with its name, real name and the brief summary of the character
  • Character Details Page: Clicking on a character takes the user to character details page where Image, Name, Real Name, Gender, Birth, Origin, Powers, Friends, Enemies etc.. is shown
  • Search: Search box in the home page that allows users to search for their favourite comic character and the result is shown in a paginated list like homepage. Clicking on a search result item should take the user to the character details page.
  • Content – Use the APIs from this link to give you the content that is required to build (

Please email the link to your git repository to for evaluation


Assignment guidelines

  1. Please finish this assignment within 3 days of receiving it.
  2. Please create a public repository in GitHub and commit all your code in GitHub. Once you are done with the assignment, please share the link to your repository so that we can evaluate
  3. Make sure the web application is responsive and renders correctly on mobile devices.

Additional Credit will be given for:

  1. Clean, responsive layout for content
  2. For hosting the web-app and providing a demo link
  3. Allowing search through multiple fields and combinations of fields