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About Software

We craft innovative high end digital solutions for customers worldwide

Boosting Operational Efficiency

We bring visibility, insight and control to global development operations. Essentially helping our customers do more with less.

Capturing New Streams

Fueling revenue growth with connected products, data services and extending products (through mobile and web apps)

Enhancing Customer Experience

Helping our customers gain strategic knowledge to predict future product needs and process risks for proactive action.

Welcome to Techtinium Technologies!

Partnering with Our Customers to understand their unique needs.

At Techtinium, we know we need a good understanding of your company organization to offer you top-quality, efficient technology solutions that evolve with your company’s needs. We can offer you individualized software solutions on any scale because we know how to utilize the powers of different technologies and integrate them seamlessly.

Customers & Testimonials

We get 2,000 development hours per employee and with five employees we have 10,000 development hours for assisting clients. This orientation offers us flexibility. We can engage in bigger projects and find faster solutions for our clients.
Tony Svensson
CEO, MWM Group, Sweden
Techtinium has been a joy to work with. Completely dependable.
They threw themselves into a project with many disparate parts, without the benefit of much guidance, and proactively became a vital part of the team.
Jeff Lazarus
Owner, Realtime Music Solutions, LLC
Techtinium created a professional iPhone application from scratch from a detailed set of functional requirements. I provided the graphics for the interface and they did all of the coding. They were very easy to work with and provided excellent feedback when my ideas were not very good.
Jon Wittwer
Founder, Vertex42.com

Our Experience

Who we are

Techtinium Technologies opened for business in 2008. We have been providing software development solutions to customers with small to corporate-sized businesses worldwide.  

Our customer list at Techtinium includes companies ranging from hot, new start-ups to well-established corporations.

Why choose us

We are in the business of making tech experiences. But we also work every day to apply and share our know-how in ways that benefit people, the community, and our planet in order to build a better tomorrow.

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