Clean Out Your Closet (And Make Some Money)

Every three years, nearly one trillion dollars is spent on fashion items that sit in our closets and are never worn again. Poshmark started in 2011 from Menlo Park (California) with the objective of turning every closet into a unique shopping experience. Poshmark created a mobile fashion marketplace built around real-time social experiences where people gather to shop, share, and sell fashion right from their phones.

For sellers, they can take a photo using the Poshmark app, then select the price and quickly post it for sale. The Poshmark marketplace simplifies the complexity of buying and selling by handling marketplace transactions, providing shipping support, ensuring marketplace safety, and providing customer support for its users. Users can also enhance their photos with filters, share listings on Facebook, and invite friends to upcoming Posh Parties.

Team Techtinium worked closely with Poshmark founders and engineers to create the initial UI/UX. Techtinium also laid some of the foundational pieces of the technology platform and the commerce engine.