Re-imagining digital learning for 100,000 students in the pre-press industry !

Digiscape Gallery is a pioneer in digital media training in the domains of prepress and publishing training. Digiscape with its wide range of training skills and capabilities has been the preferred training partner for almost all the leading newspaper & magazine publishers and e-publishing companies in India. Digiscape has trained over 100,000 people in various fields of digital media. 

Having worked with designers and UX specialists all over the world, I can safely say that Techtinium has an international quality benchmark for product design. They are able to understand complex business use cases and come up with intuitive design solutions. They are open, likable and fun to work with.
A Elangovan
President, Digiscape Gallery

Boosting Revenues & User Experience through Design

We helped Digiscape Gallery to design products that resulted in boosting sales per marketing dollar spent by 70% over a period of 2 years. We worked on designing simplified tools for user acquisition, course management, student learning management, billing and product management. We worked very closely with the product and technology teams to build these products in weekly increments.

At Techtinium, we used Design Sprints to compress 6 months of work into 4 weeks. We are glad to have helped Digiscape Gallery bypass the long and sluggish traditional software development cycles and go from problem to product designs quickly.